You have to do what it takes!

This is the post excerpt.


I know what it takes to be successful, I must keep working on my game whenever I get the chance. Today I woke up at 5 in the morning to go put some shots up and work on my shooting form. I will continue to do so everyday in order to make it, in order to be on top you must do what it takes to get on top. Hours and Hours a day working on my craft.


What I do When I can’t think of Something to Write

Go through your day, don’t even think  about it. It will come to you, trust me when you just enjoy your day then ideas will come flying through the roof. It may not be the best method  for everyone to take, but  it’s definitely the best method I’ve used.

Records are Made to be Broken

Sometimes I don’t realize how exciting things are. Everyone is super excited about me breaking this all time scoring record for my school, but it hasn’t really hit me yet. When playing basketball I don’t think about breaking records or anything like that. I just love winning, I will do anything to win and it just happens that throughout these past four years during the process of trying to win I scored more points than anyone ever did in my school’s history. Still in the process of trying to make history!

Season Opener

Everyone was ready for the first game, I have been waiting for this year. I have been working my butt off to get ready for this season. We started off rough in the beginning of the game, but we settled down and took care of business. Of course we have plenty of things to work on, that’s what practice is for. Now that I think of it, practice is going to be hell today. We just have to get better everyday in order to get where we want to, but we must focus day by day.